Easy Tips For Hiring A Melbourne Wedding DJ

Melbourne wedding DJ playing some music

The entertainment for your big day is very important for both you and your guests. Music is an easy and great way to get you and guests in the mood to have a blast. Whether you want to get people moving on the dance floor or having nice background noise while everyone eats, hiring the right Melbourne wedding DJ is very important.

Like most vendors during this event you will find that they come in abundance and can often vary in price with little to no reason. Below we are going to explore some easy tips that you can follow to find the best Melbourne wedding DJ!

Know what to look for

The most common option that many people start with is to look for a Melbourne wedding DJ that specialises in such events and nothing else. These professionals know the ins and outs of receptions and can even make a great emcee for the night as well. A simple web search will result in hundreds if not thousands of results so you will need to trim that list down a bit (we’ll discuss this more below!)

If you really want dance music to go along with your big day you should maybe consider looking at Melbourne wedding DJs that are from the club scene. Not only do you get the right music for your big day, they may also charge a cheaper rate than competitors. However be aware they may have little to no experience with receptions.

Ask to hear samples

Once you have found a few Melbourne wedding DJs your next step should be ask for their samples. This could include playlists, recordings of past events, a live performance or even a mixtape. If you really care about the quality of music and energy that your Melbourne wedding DJ brings, the more important it is to ask them about samples.

See how they get a crowd going at events

Bride and groom having their first dance

For a lot of brides, they want their receptions to be fun and have everyone dancing. If that sounds like you, you should ask your potential Melbourne wedding DJ how they get a crowd going. Do they accept requests from guests, are they willing to be an emcee and how do they get reluctant guests moving are all great questions to ask.

Supply them with a your proposed playlist along with a “do not play” list

A “do not play” list is just as important as a playlist. During the reception, you don’t want to hear a song that you absolutely hate to ruin your mood. These lists are also great if your guests want to request their own songs. This adds just a little bit of filtering to ensure that you stay happy.

Get a contract sorted ASAP

Like all vendors, you will need to get a contract sorted out as soon as possible to ensure that they are available for your dates. It is highly recommended that you don’t work with any vendors that don’t want to provide a contract as that is a red flag. Contracts are in place to protect both parties from double bookings and pricing measures.

Be aware that like most vendors, they will require a deposit before the big day to reserve the date that you had in mind.

By now you should have some easy tips you can use to ensure that the music at your reception is the best it can be. At the end of the day, these vendors are here to make your day as special as you need it so make sure you find the one that fits the best.