The Perks of Receiving a Best Spa Gift Card


If you’re feeling a little (or very) burned out, and find yourself drinking way more coffee than you probably should be, it might be a sign that you need a bit of R&R. Having the occasional day to yourself should be considered less of a radical act of self-care and more of a modern necessity. And there’s no better way to release the stresses of day-to-day life than by treating yourself with the best facial Sydney and a long soak in a hot tub.


Here are some of the wonderful things you can get with a best spa gift card:


The bathing experience of a lifetime

Tap into the wisdom of the ancient Greeks and Romans by stepping into a steamy, exotic world and let the warm water revive you.  With a best spa gift card, you’re free to indulge in a feast for the senses, with fragrant oils and soaps to cleanse and rejuvenate. The hot steam clears your pores and detoxifies your body, whilst lowering your blood pressure and relaxing your muscles like they’ve never relaxed before.


Dreamy massages

Prepare to enter a state of total relaxation as you’re pampered with soothing aromatherapy oils and gentle hands. Let your muscles be at ease as an expert masseuse uses hot stones, a cushion or their hands to guide your body into a state of wellness. Pregnant women, too, can benefit from a full-body massage, which eases stress on the joints and back.

Or, if you want more than a massage, a best spa gift card offers you a range of luxurious scrub and body mask treatments to choose from, too. Each treatment will help give you smooth, toned, oh-so-gorgeous skin that will feel like heaven to the touch!


Make your nails shine

When you’re busy it can be difficult to keep up with manicures and pedicures, and your nails, hands and feet can often get overlooked. But with a best spa gift card, your brittle, chipped nails and hardened soles don’t have to suffer any longer. First, soak your feet in a bath of warm Argan-oil. After clipping, grooming and buffing (as well as a lovely massage, of course) choose from a French Tip, shellac or glitter polish to make your hands and feet look and feel radiant.


Get your tan on

If you’re feeling a bit pale from too much time spent indoors, getting a tan using a best spa gift card will help liven you up and get you party-ready. A professional spray tan is a great way to achieve natural, beautiful looking bronze skin without the use of harmful UV rays. Many wellness clinics use long-lasting, vegan, chemical-free formulations to achieve the highest quality summer tan.

Soothing facials

Let the professionals work their magic on your skin, with gentle facial treatments that boast a range of benefits, from anti-aging to acne-reduction. A beautician can assess your facial skin type to find the most suitable treatment for you.

Not only are facials calming and hydrating, but they’re also great for circulation. And with a range of delightful ingredients such as rosewater, apricot, turmeric, cucumber and honey, you won’t be able to resist. We don’t often massage our faces, so take this opportunity with your best spa gift card to do so and revel in the good vibes!


Feel brand new

After a day spent using your best spa gift card, you’ll be forgiven if you feel like a completely new person. Being this relaxed brings with it a fresh, happy state of mind that will leave you glowing for days.