How To Get Your Smoke On With These Fantastic Homemade Bongs

Young people smoking using bongs

No pipe? Well, that’s no problem since we’re about to run through a couple of terrific ways you can build your own bongs from your own home. While it might seem impossible, it’s actually straightforward, and you shouldn’t even need to leave your home. In fact, all the materials you need should be in your home already! Ready for show off some new-found creativity?

Water bottle bongs

If your water pipe recently broke, do not be alarmed since a slightly modified water bottle can do the trick. While you won’t get the same level of clean, pure smoke like you would usually get with a proper device, makeshift water bottle bongs will still get the job done. First thing’s first, you need to create the shaft of the device – in this case, the metal casing of a pen should work. Remove the contents of the pen obviously, like the cap, the spring, the ink tube and any other unnecessary components.

After discarding what is left on the pen, empty the water bottle that you have decided to use. Remove the cap and then burn a small hole into the bottom third of the bottle (using a lighter). As a reference, try and burn a hole where the bottom line is. Once the plastic begins to melt, and the hole starts to form, quickly place the pen pipe into the hole. If you do this correctly, the plastic should melt and form around the tube, holding it there nice and steady. If the hole isn’t big enough, use the lighter for a few more second to enlarge the hole. Now, if the pen pipe isn’t precisely airtight (which is likely), compact the gaps around the pen using some blue tack. Once the hole is airtight and ready to go – you know what to do now.

Fruit bongs

So, it turns out that watermelon has a myriad of other uses. The same can be said for apples. If you want to turn your fruit bowl into a series of functioning bongs, then there are a few simple steps you need to follow. Firstly, you need to hollow out the piece of fruit you intend to use. So, if you’re using a watermelon, cut a large hole in the top, scoop out all the fruit (and use it for something else of course) and then glue the lid back on.

Like making water bottle bongs, you need to cut a small hole where you can insert the shaft. You might need something thicker than a pen pipe too, so this is where the garden hose might come in handy. Cut a small piece of garden hose (a few inches) and then measure the diameter against the outer side of the watermelon so that you can make an appropriate size hole. Once that’s done, you’re good to go!

Pringle bongs

Now, hear us out on this one. So, it turns out a pringle can works perfectly well if you need to make a few homemade water pipes. All you need to do is cut a small hole in the base for where shaft needs to go. Instead of using chewing gum or blue tack to seal the shaft, duct tape will probably work better in this situation. Then, cut a small hole in the plastic lid so you can inhale adequately.

Other materials

These are just some of the materials and models you can use when designing homemade bongs. You can use soda cans, other vegetables (like pumpkin) or other sweet vegetables, especially if you’re desperate for a sweeter taste or flavour when you smoke.